Hadaway Collision

Where we meet by accident!

In October of 1981, Joe and Jeanie Hadaway founded Hadaway Paint and Body Shop on Lake Drive in the Liberty Eylau area. Joe can still to this day be found on the property, working full-time after a one-year "retirement." "He evidently didn't like [retirement], because a year later, he was back, and he's been here since," said son Phil, who accepted the torch from his father in 2008.

In many ways, this second-generation family business is much the same as it was in 1981: the original sign remains on the roadside, and the frontmost building retains its original aesthetic. Long-time customers are loyal to the Hadaway family and staff, who have taken care of them for years. The institutional history and longevity inspire trust in knowing customers. The younger generation, however, may be unaware of their impeccable work and customer service that an older generation has known of for decades.

Phil wants potential customers to know that he is committed to customer service first and foremost. "If I miss the mark somewhere, it kills me," he said. His wife, Stacey, can testify to this. "If someone is unhappy, it tears him apart," she said. "It keeps him up at night." This devotion to their clients comes from founder Joe, who weaved it into the company culture at its inception. "We bend over backwards to make our customers happy, even at our expense," he said. "That's always been my philosophy."

In 2014, what was then Hadaway Collision expanded into Hadaway Collision and Towing. This additional branch of the business allows the Hadaway family to take care of their clients comprehensively-from towing a wrecked vehicle from the scene of an accident to returning it in as-good-as-new shape. This unparalleled service streamlines the post-accident process, making it easier and less stressful for drivers to recuperate.

Hadaway Collision and Towing is a prime example of a successful family business: they have preserved company values and maintained quality while avoiding complacency or stagnancy. Under Phil's leadership, an already-respected establishment has further flourished, growing steadily and remaining strong after 36 years.

Hadaway's Focus

  • Professional and Courteous Staff: No "honey" this or "sweetie" that; everyone is treated with kindness and respect.
  • Collision Repair Expertise: Phil's on-site training ensures that his collision repair team understands different vehicle types and how to properly repair them.
  • One-stop shop: Hadaway's experienced mechanics handle and stand by all repairs-from tires to brakes to alignment to body work.